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Walk Behind - Metro

Metro Series

When shopping for a fixed-deck, gear-drive mower, you should have no trouble finding one or two of the three attributes listed above. But to get all three in a single machine, you’re looking at a Metro. Its five-inch-deep deck delivers the sought-after Exmark cut. Metro 36" and 48" walk-behind mowers have the patented Enhanced Control System, with handle placement and design that reduces vibrations and relieves fatigue. All Metro mowers have rugged Kawasaki® V-Twin engines and deliver the quality and features you’re looking for. All at a price that puts it within reach of virtually any budget.

Available Models:
MGS481GKA322PO $3,799                                                                                                     MGS481CKA36200 $4,199                                                                                                                         MGS481CKA48300 $4,399