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Branson Equipment

45 Series

The power shuttle is completely electro-hydraulic in operation, is fully modulated, and very smooth.
Dual-pump hydraulic system provides 19.3 gpm TOTAL FLOW. The steering pump provides 7.3 gpm and the function pump provides 11.5 gpm. Each pump is independent of each other, and makes hydraulic, loader, hitch and the steering system all function smoothly.
540 and 540E Independent PTO
7845 transmission has 4 ranges with 4 speeds within each range (16F/16R). The speed transmission is fully synchronized enabling “on the go” shifting. The transmission has slow speeds for PTO operation, tillage speeds in the three to six mph range, and a transport speed of 25 mph.
TELESCOPIC LIFT ARMS WITH EXTERNAL CONTROLS Implements are easier to attach, operate and maintain. The 7845 engine is genuine “Branson Built.” It is turbocharged, water cooled and is rated at a quiet 2500 RPMs. If you like lots of torque...this engine is for you. The heavy duty, sharp turning, front axle is a must for loader work. Branson’s 7845 front axle steers 56 degrees each direction, and does NOT use a drag link.
Smooth, powerful and turns on a will like it! Levers, gear shifts, buttons and light panels are all designed logically for ease and simplicity of operation.                                                                                          
78 HP, Fully Synchronized transmission, BL45 loader with a 2,623 lb. lift capacity. Best in class weight of 7,780 lbs. Branson Protection Plus 6 Year Powertrain Warranty.