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Branson Equipment

25 Series

Branson 25 Series Tractors are built on a HD steel mainframe. Wider, heavier and reinforced to prevent distortion in rough terrain and in heavy duty loader applications. Transmission provides 12 gears forward and 12 gears in reverse. A convenient dash mounted control lever shifts smoothly from forward to reverse. The speed gears of the Branson 25 Series Tractors are fully synchronized… there is no gear grinding when shifting.
Heat and contamination destroy brakes. Wet disc brakes are completely sealed from external contamination and run in cool, filtered, hydraulic oil. They work better! They last longer! And, they don’t require adjustment.
Branson 25 Series Tractors have a hitch lift capacity of 3306 lbs at hitch ball and 2166 lbs at the point 24 inches behind the lift ball.
A separate, independent clutch used to engage the PTO shaft. The tractor does not have to be stopped to engage the can be done on-the-go. The PTO does not stop turning when the tractor’s clutch pedal is depressed. The PTO’s rotation speed is not affected by the tractor’s ground speed. The PTO can be engaged or disengaged without using the tractor’s clutch pedal.
37 HP, Hydorstatic transmission, BL25 loader with a lift capacity of
2,100 lbs., and best in class weight of 6,312 lbs.
Branson Protection Plus 6 Year Powertrain Warranty.